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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today has been a beautiful spring day not too hot or cold with a nice breeze. Tee was really late picking me up for lunch so by the time he picked me up all of the DFAC (dining facilities) were closed. We went to one that has a 24 hour sandwich bar and got us each a to-go plate. Instead of eating in the vehicle or back at our offices we picnicked at Z Lake. The red dot is approximately the spot where we picnicked. All around the lake are little pavilions that anyone can use and this time of year they are a great relaxing spot. As we were eating, visiting and looking out over the water I saw something in the water and come to find out it was a bunch of fish. Now some of these fish were pretty big and then there were some smaller ones too. They were just swarming the area so we starting throwing in pieces of bread for them. Before it was all said and done we had thrown in 3 bags of chips for them. It was very nice to do something that we do so often at home and enjoy so much. If fishing was allowed on Z Lake we would have torn some little fishy mouths up.

Some background information on Z Lake

Z Lake is a man made lake that was created by digging dirt to construct the round, tear drop looking ant mound in the above picture. That is what we call signal hill and it houses all sorts of transmitters and antennas for the base. The lake has around 8 cement blocks spread out evenly over it and it is rumored that Saddam would chain his traitors, enemies, or whoever out there surrounded by water and let them bake in the Iraqi sun. I can vouch that it is extremely hot out here during the summer months and that would be the worst sort of punishment. I don't even get chained out there and I get tortured by it since swimming, boating, fishing or any other water sport is not allowed.

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