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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tee's New J-O-B

As everyone knows, Tee and I came to Iraq working for KBR. Tee recently switched companies and is now with Fluor. He loves it and I am so glad. He was very unhappy at KBR the past 7 months or so and I really think that this company is going to be the perfect fit. Not only is the job a way better job we are now back on the same base and that is wonderful. I can finally have my husband back living with me and have a fragment of normalcy in the crazy environment. Well now I must get to work at my own job. Stay tuned………

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  1. Tell Tee congrats on the new job!! I know the last time we emailed, he said he was MUCH happier at this job. Hugs and Kisses from his FAVORITE MOTHER IN LAW!!!


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