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Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things

I must give NaShae credit because I saw this on her blog first.

1. I have the best life I could ever hope for or dream of.

2. I married the man of my dreams, my best friend, and in a way my savior on May 10, 2008.

3. I love to travel. I consider my self a traveler not a tourist and believe me there is a HUGE difference.

4. I am all about the outdoors whether it is fishing, gardening, working cows, kayaking, or anything else you could think of.

5. My favorite color is green and pink is on up there as well. Depending on what I am feeling that day it changes regularly.

6. I am a student working on my bachelors and masters at the same time. Hopefully I will be finished by 2011.

7. I never liked coffee much (Piper can vouch) but I have a new found morning tradition: 1 cup of coffee with 1 pack of hot chocolate mixed in. It gives me the caffeine and the sweetness, so I hardly ever drink sodas.

8. I love homey crafts/hobbies. As I get older I get more creative and I love exerting that by home interior decorating, gardening, and cooking.

9. Speaking of cooking that is my all time favorite hobby and I would say my one true passion (hobby wise).

10. My all time favorite movie is Pretty Woman. I could watch it everyday and never get tired of it. A close second is the SATC movie along with the seasons.

11. Organized, Organized, Organized… everything must be organized. My husband tells me I can not organize all aspects of my life but I disagree whole heartedly and try anyways. Sometimes he is right, but SSHHHH don’t tell!!!!

12. On this day of May 2008, Tee and I bought our dream 125 acres out in the middle of no where. We now own 2 houses and 125 beautiful acres where we will build in HOPEFULLY 3 years.

13. With our 125 acres come my passion for animals and farming. Most know that I was raised on a dairy but my passion for farming is more than that it is in my blood. I could never go my whole life without it, I LOVE IT.

14. I am from Mt. Vernon but I currently I live in Iraq and I think it is awesome. I have learned so much about life and about people. After Iraq Tee and I will reside in Bogata.

15. I am not so much into fashion, I usually buy timeless pieces but purses and boots are my favorite. Let’s say I like to have a variety. LOL!

16. It is hard to narrow down my favorite restaurant because I love food and I love to eat it but, my favorite fast food restaurant is for sure Taco Bell and my favorite dine in restaurant is Culpepper’s.

17. Besides Piper my mom is my longest and truest best friend. I know that I can tell her anything no matter what and she is always going to be there. I have another person like that now, my husband.

18. From birth, I have always wanted only 1 child if I had to but if I could get away with not having any that would be great. NOW, I want a house full of kids.

19. I must agree with Shae that cuddling by the fire and having a movie date night with your hubby is about as good as it gets.

20. I think that married life is awesome and I would not trade it for anything.

21. If I believed in reincarnation I think that I must have been a fish in another life or I am going to be one in my next. I love to swim and be near water.

22. This is my age.

23. I love all sports volleyball is my favorite sport to actually play and football is my favorite to watch.

24. I have always been a pretty fit person and Tee is all about fitness. We go workout together and our family motto is –“ A Family that Lifts Weights Together Stays Together”

25. I am truly blessed by the life God has allowed me to have and I can only pray that it will always be so great.


  1. I love the way you changed your blog. Looks really good. Glad you added more to it and pics too! I love your "25" things. You made me cry on #17!! I love you so much and you make me soo very proud. You're an awesome woman and it touches my heart to know you think of me as your best friend!! You're one of my best friends too!! I love you!! Mom

  2. so now that i have one of these thingys i guess i will post my 25 things (its on facebook)...ii think you will like it!

  3. okay some how i have written two comments and both of them have been deleted! well i just wanted to say i love you lots!!


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