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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Masters Degree & Graduation

May- Friday the 13th was an awesome day... the day that I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, the day that I had great support from all my friends and close family members, and the day that my fortune cookie hit the spot!  After what seemed like an eternity I finally graduated from college for good with my Masters of Science in Accounting. It is now almost July and my life is finally slowing down enough that I'm able to enjoy the life that involves weekends not filled with homework and stressing over tests and research papers!  Whew I'm so glad I pushed through with determination and most of the time 100% effort to pull this off.  It was hard balancing all the things in my life but it was so worth it.  After graduation we went to dinner at Shoguns in Greenville and Mike joked that I'm now going to pursue by doctorate degree.  Hendrik said absolutely not that I'm done with school LOL  Poor guy I think he definitely got the short end of all my attitude and stress over the past 3 years.

Love this pic of me and my pretty Mom

Mike and Mom

Roelie and Henk- Hendrik's parents

If not more of a sign than the feeling of graduating check out this amazing fortune that was in my fortune cookie after dinner.  Couldn't be a more true statement!

I'm so glad to be finished with school and have this accomplishment under my belt...now let me see what other kind of projects I can get myself into!

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  1. Congratulations, Meg!!! You look beautiful. Love you.


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