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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cozumel Vacation

Day 1 ~ Sunday June 16th ~
Sunday was the day we left to head to Cozumel.  We left my car at Erin's sisters house so we didn't have to pay for parking.  Our flight was on time and as painless as ever.  The plane wasn't even packed full so Lincoln and I had a row of seats to ourselves.  After arriving we headed up to our room after a minor misunderstanding at the front desk and unpacked.  We shimmied into our swimsuits pretty quick to try and soak up a bit of the late afternoon sun while seeing ourselves around the resort.  We were all just exhausted from a long day of travel and excitement so we ate a buffet supper and headed in pretty early...which sort of turned into a routine throughout the trip.
At the airport getting ready to board

and we're off

made it safe and were waiting in the taxi to head to the resort

the huge hut top on the lobby of the resort

Heading to check everything out after unpacking and hurrying into our swimsuits
Day 2 ~ Monday June 17th ~
Our first full day in Cozumel was spent just getting a feel for the town and the resort.  We woke up and got moving around pretty early so after a great breakfast of freshly made omelets and fruit we headed out to scout some shopping before the pools opened.  Once we made it back to the resort we waited out a small rain storm then found some comfy lounge chairs on a deck that adjoins the ocean, pool, and bar area.  It was cloudy the rest of the day but of course this is also the day we all got super sunburned without knowing it.  Lincoln way worse than anyone else but my shoulders were pretty toasty.  Lincoln, Colby and I got a free hour of snorkel gear and used it exploring the ocean floor.  I spotted a sting ray in the deeper area and watched it until it swam away.  The fish were great and we were able to see a variety.  We made reservations to eat at the Mexican restaurant at the resort and after that Lincoln and I went to the theater in the resort area and watched a pirate show.  I was thinking it was going to be like a play type show but it ended up being an interactive game (men vs women) with men dressed as pirates to direct all the action.  Even though it wasn't what we were expecting it was a lot of fun and we had fun participating.  That sounds like a long day but we were still in the room by 10 o'clock.  LOL  I know old people. 


Colby looking cool and relaxed

Perfect water

at times there were so many snorkelers out there that you would look out and it reminded me of just a ton of floating dead bodies. LOL  sort of creepy

Erin and Colby, the friends we went with

Lincoln just chilling in the pool

all dressed up for dinner at Mexicana, a restaurant at the resort

Lincoln bought him and Colby a cigar to go with their sunburns... they didn't even like them so they were thrown away LOL

comedy pirate show after dinner at the resort
Day 3 ~ Tuesday June 18th ~
To me, today was my favorite day of the trip!  The day before on our way back from scouting the shopping out we lost Colby.  He loves to stop and make friends with EVERYONE so we didn't worry.  He came into the lobby sweating and smiling.  He told us that for JUST $25 we were getting a Jeep rental for the next day, a blanket, and a bottle of tequila.  We were all super excited especially me.  I couldn't wait to check out the island. 
I got up way before everyone else was ready so I went ahead and got ready and headed down to The Veranda (the buffet) and enjoyed 2 cups of coffee outside by my lonesome.  I've come to enjoy my coffee time in the mornings and these days its a must.  I reflect, enjoy, make notes, think on my day, and enjoy the black goodness that is Folgers.  Anyways, eventually the rest of the gang joined me and we had a heavy breakfast.  We met the man in the lobby at 9 for the Jeep pick up.  Wellll it turned out the Jeep "deal" was really a time share deal and we walked away before they could trap us with a half day ordeal of touring the facilities and sitting through a 90 minute presentation.  Once they figured out we weren't pleased they still rented us the Jeep for $50 with NO time share presentation, NO blanket, and NO tequila. LOL  Either way it was awesome and I'm pretty sure we would have paid $100.

waterfall at the shady pool near our room
enjoying an early coffee alone
loaded up and ready for our adventure around the island


We set out South along the  West coast of the island and the plan was to drive the full length, 30 miles down each shore, and the width, 10 miles across, of the island.  On the way to the most Southern point we stopped on some Mayan ruins that were free to visit.  We were there for all of 5 minutes.  Just long enough to get some pictures, look around, and get bit by huge buzzard like mosquitoes.  We loaded up quickly and were on the road again.

some Mayan ruins

Once to the Southern tip of the island we spotted a light house in the distance that I would have loved to hike to but the rest weren't enthused.  We also finally got a taste of the ocean, literally, after walking around we licked our lips and tasted nothing but salt.  The wind was blowing so hard on the tip, waves were crashing, and it was beautiful.  I loved the different looking plants, found dried up sponges, and little creatures living on the rocks.  At this point there is also a little Jamaican type shack bar to get a drink and sit for a while.  We did just that!

cool plants on the Southern point of the island

finally waves, wind, and the crashing ocean on this end of the island

The rest of the way around the island was uneventful.  We just rode the highway in peace relaxing and enjoying the awesome view.  My hair on the other hand was anything but relaxed and that night I bet it took me almost an hour to de-tangle it after my shower.
After our driving adventure we parked at a grocery store and walked the downtown area.  We ate lunch at Margaritaville and let me tell you that shit was expensive.  For 4 people with each a drink and dish it was $130.  INSANE!  We weren't pleased to say the least.  I don't know how my Mom afforded me in Jamaica on our cruise because we boozed it up there and it had to be an all day, very expensive event. LOL  Anyways after a less than appetizing meal...I got sick afterwards and stayed that way the rest of the trip.  Not super sick just stomach hurting really bad every time anything hit it.  Once I got home I started taking some antibiotics and I'm happy to report that everything is getting much better. 

After lunch we strolled the shops and I bought a bracelet that's very colorful. I vowed to wear it everyday until it falls apart/off. LOL  Once we were done browsing and talking to all the merchants we headed back to the resort.  Colby and Erin went to their room to nap and Lincoln and I went to lay out at the beach under a grass umbrella.  Colby and Erin joined us later and then we went to dinner at the buffet.  Lincoln and I walked around after dinner and then went up to our room pretty early.  We watched TV and visited before bed.

beach umbrella

Day 4 ~ Wednesday June 19th ~

Day four started early for me and sort of ended early as well. We got some awesome beach chairs at the pool, beach, bar area and spent all morning there.  Lincoln and I rented snorkel gear for the entire day and I went a few times.  I also finished a book and tanned my front pretty well.  Around 1:30 I was pretty toasty and since there's no shade in this area I decided to head up to our room for a nap, cool off, and apply a ton of lotion.  I ended up staying up there the rest of the afternoon until dinner.  Lincoln made reservations for us at the Italian restaurant at the resort and it was really good...the resort had pretty good food if you can't tell. LOL

Day 5 ~ Thursday June 20th ~
Thursday I picked the lay out area and I had ulterior motives. I wanted to find some freaking shade on this place.  Lincoln's back was burnt to a crisp, my shoulders were burnt, and in general I didn't want to bake myself any longer.  I wanted to be able to choose if I got sun or not so I chose the pool away from the ocean.  We swam, napped, read, and snacked.  The boys really wanted to eat at the Mexican restaurant again so we made reservations for that night there since it was our last night at the resort.  After dinner I wanted to watch the sunset so we raced to the beach but forgot that it had been pretty cloudy on the horizon the whole trip.  We didn't get to see the sunset but did get some great last night pictures.

Day 6 ~ Friday June 21st ~

Departure day.  Friday was one of those hurry up and wait days.  We got up, ate breakfast, headed back to the room, packed, waited, took our luggage down, waited some more, made our way to the airport and then waited there to head home.  The flight back was even less crowded than our arrival flight.  Colby and Erin got to sit in the row across from us and the flight was really good.  We made it back to my car and then stopped in Rockwall to eat at Saltgrass before heading to MV.  It has been a tradition of mine since I went to Iraq in 2008 and it is just coincidence that it happened on this trip but since it did then it HAS to happen forever.....each time I went out of the country and then came back I would always crave beef because I wouldn't eat a ton of meat while away....I'm just funny like that, so once on my Texas soil I would immediately head from the airport to Saltgrass on the way home and get my fix.  Well this trip was no different and I really like that little piece of home tradition that has formed.
boarding on the way home

north bound
Where we stayed: Park Royal Cozumel
The hotel was super clean, very family oriented, the bars and pool shut down at 8, and other than a few activities wasn't much to do at the resort.  It was also a time share focused resort so any activity they were going to sell you they were also going to try to sell you that also which made it a little hard to get excursions planned and to know if you were getting a good price or not.
What we flew: Sun Country
I had never even heard of this airline but I have no complaints.  The planes were clean, newer, the attendants were friendly and they were on time flights leaving and early arrivals both coming and going.
How we booked: I booked through Expedia
I had never used an online site like Expedia but it seems to go over ok.  I usually don't travel all inclusive and book my things separately but we didn't have any hiccups with them so I would use it again.
Pros and Cons of trip:  PROS- I loved vacation because of course I got to experience so many new things with Lincoln and we grew in our relationship, it was a VERY much needed break from work for both of us, and we got to go with friends.  The hotel was clean, friendly, and the food was great to be all inclusive and mainly buffet style. Not to mention I come home with a glowing tan!  CONS- I would say 6 days on a 30X10 island is too long.  For me it was only because the town was very westernized, and a complete tourist trap.  I didn't feel like I had a true authentic travel experience and I was surrounded by Americans the whole time.  I know that it is a tourist town and mainly Americans go there but I was sort of expecting a bit of culture to stick but I didn't find any.  Also the hotel guests ranged in age but the main thing that was there were families and older couples...great but we were sort of expecting a bit more of a party environment.
The dogs were super glad we made it home and I even unpacked and washed clothes the same night. It was a great trip and I'm so glad we took time away from work to spend with each other. 

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  1. I like your blue dress, and your hair color. Glad yall had fun! We are hoping to take a beach vacay next year :):)


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