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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fixer Upper

OK, I don't know about y'all but sometimes there is a book, movie, or something like that you come across that stirs something inside of you. Let me see I'm not explaining myself well....OK do you ever read or see a movie that motivates you? I have been reading a lot lately and I stumbled across a book called The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews. I read the description of the book at Amazon.com and soon decided that it might be a decent book. I then proceeded to purchase the book and read it on my Kindle. Anyways, it was slow at the beginning but the more you read it the more engrossed you become. A girl loses her job in D.C and has to resort to going to Georgia and refurbish an old home for her father. Long story short I have always wanted to flip houses. I love decorating and not just the material interior decorating like picture frames, pillows, and accessories but in depth decorating like painting, rearranging, and totally giving a room or house a makeover and making it my own. This book was a great read and really made me want to reach my dream of owning a few small old houses that I can refurbish, make my own, and rent or sell later on. It isn't too long and is an easy but relaxing read. I was continuously wondering what the house was going to look like when all finished. Of course it will be a while before I can start on making the dream come true but it was nice having it brought to life by this book. It also reminded me of being at home. The setting is a small town in Georgia and they use all the same language and phrases that we use. So if you would like to read a little book about transforming an old house and a young woman's romantic and personal life pick up this book. I promise you won't regret it.

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