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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I am into NOW!

  • Reading
  • Culture
  • Classical Music
  • Aromatherapy and organic things
  • Quiet time

    The items I have listed are not the greatest things in the world and they are not newly discovered, but right now I am really into a more sophisticated learning and experiencing different cultures. After moving to Iraq I have met some really interesting and very diverse people and seen some very different things. I love listening and asking questions because there is so much about so many different things that I have no clue about. I only wish my brain was bigger LOL!!


  1. exxcusee me organic things?! Haven't I been telling you those are the best things?? haha i love that you are into new things! I love you lots!

  2. if only my geography students could open their minds up to culture...ahh my life would be much easier! :)

  3. amazing Megan! so thrilled for you! so excited for your lovely space see your space to share the adventures! soak it up to the max - can't wait to hear more!! ...bless you!! xxx

  4. Umm, I'm glad you updated this.....but you need to take some pics of you're wonderful coworkers here in Iraq and post them on here as well.That way your family and friends back in TX can see what you do all day. Since we all spend 12 hours a day with you!!And you should certainly post some pics of your neck-rolling, finger snapping, city girl, bootylicious, nubian goddess of a coworker that keeps you hip with all the urban slang and hip-hop clothing trends with the "ghetto-fab" outfits she wears to work every day:-)
    "WORD UP"
    "YOU GO GIRL"!!!


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