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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Middle East & Southeast Asia Vacation: Part 3

Wednesday October 19, 2016 we were vacationing in Phuket and today was a sport day!  

Check out THIS POST for the rest of today's details if you missed it.  

After surfing that morning didn't work out we headed to Tiger Muay Thai so I could see about training. After talking with the front desk I paid for and was set up for 2-1 hour sessions with private trainers.  I was so pumped and had no idea what to expect.  Hendrik suggested I get a before picture!  Also not posted are the zillion pictures that Hendrik took of the parking lot that was packed full of motorcycles.... as you can see some of below. LOL  I can't ever leave him in charge of my camera but I was and still am super impressed with how much of my training he captured and will cherish these videos and pictures in the years to come!  I have some cool videos but they are too large to upload so pictures will have to do.

before feeling excited and ready
Both of my trainers were named Sak.  When I was wrapping my hands Sake #1 saw what/how I was doing he immediately knew and vocalized that I had trained Muay Thai before.  I told him about my current and past almost 2 years of training.  I believe that really set his tone and the other trainer's tone for the next couple of hours.  Pretty much they knew that I wasn't a beginner!  

round kick to the body

round kick to the head 

I worked on a lot of combos, kicks, and knees...things that I knew but at a pace that I wasn't used to. I never got a break really... they kept me going and it was so awesome.  I got corrected on a few things but it is the same things that my coach at home corrects me on as well.  Things like being too straight with my kicks and keeping my head up instead of my chin tucked.  After my first session ended I downed a full liter of water and wasn't really sure if I wanted to continue or if I even could.  The open air gym, the humidity, the effort I had already given, and the intensity of the training was so INTENSE!  I'm glad Sake #1 didn't fully understand that I was saying I wasn't going to go another hour.  Before I knew it Sake #2 was there asking if I was ready to go!  I learned several new things and a few "better" ways of doing things like jumping into my leg kicks which my coach now REALLY loves LOL!  I also had just recently learned spinning elbows and we touched on that.  In that moment I was thanking Matt for teaching  me those literally a couple weeks prior to my trip.  

Sake #2
the after picture- soaking wet and dead
After my second session was finished I burnt my body out on 10 round kicks consecutively to each side and then did some core strengthening exercise with the medicine ball.  When we were finished I was beyond drained physically and mentally.  Drained from the excitement and adrenaline of training and SUCCEEDING at my training at this legendary kickboxing gym.  I literally killed it and myself and couldn't wait to show my coach my blisters that night!  

We had time and I was starving for a healthy lunch so we opted to eat at the Tiger Cafe, the restaurant for visitors and athletes at the training complex.  We also walked around a bit and got a feel for the complex and also saw what else they offered.  I got a rash guard and boxing shorts for myself and a pair of shorts for my coach at home.  I left so motivated and pumped and looking at these pictures and videos only get me going again. So far this was the best experience on our trip.  I was so excited and am so excited at how my training has progressed and that I was at that level of training.  I have looked further since returning from this trip at a week long or longer training camp at the same complex later maybe next year and I am for sure doing it!!!!  

I got huge deep blisters on both feet from the movement on a different style of training mats! This took weeks to heal

I can't say enough about the Tiger Muay Thai gym, staff, and the experience all together it was such a thrill working with these world class kickboxing teachers and a once in a lifetime experience.  

Coming up Bali!

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